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Human Rights Illustration series (Four of Four) Discourse School

In October 2011, shortly after arriving in Brighton, I replied to an advertisement that Ms. Marie-Bénédicte Dembour, Professor of Law and Anthropology at the University of Sussex, had placed seeking an illustrator for a lecture that she would be making at Amnesty International, in the Netherlands, in December 2011.

The lecture would involve her expanding on her theory on the four schools of thought regarding Human Rights (natural scholars conceive of human rights as given; deliberative scholars as agreed upon; protest scholars as fought for; and discourse scholars as imposed).

I was to illustrate the four schools of thought, so that they could be projected at Amnesty International while she was giving her speech; I ended up also helping Ms. Dembour put her presentation together too and the whole process of conceiving the illustrations, discussing their content and creating the presentation was incredibly intriguing.

I had originally drawn four sets of illustrations for the Professor, but after discussing them separately it was decided that I should redo them in order to keep on track with her original vision. This is the only one that remained intact, as the message was clear from the get-go!

If you wish to read more about the Marie-Bénédicte Dembour lecture series on what Human Rights are click HERE as published within the Human Rights Quarterly 2010, pp. 1-20.

I will be uploading all four illustrations here gradually! 
*Click HERE to view the first one (Natural School) 
*Click HERE to view the second one (Deliberative School) 
*Click HERE to view the third one (Protest School)
*Click HERE to view the fourth one (Discourse School)

Human Rights - Discourse

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